Charlie Caracciolo

Senior Editor


Charles Caracciolo is a self proclaimed television aficionado!  In fact he made a career out of his passion in the late 1980s, toiling away in the Duplication Department at NYC’s Gramercy Broadcast Center. He would eventually move his way up the ladder to Assistant Editor, and it was there that Charles had the good fortune to meet and work with his editorial mentor, Dick Seebach, who imparted endless lessons on the ways of the edit room over the course of their tenure together.

Charles was promoted to Editor in late 1990, just as tape-based editing was being replaced by non-linear systems throughout the industry. After learning the Avid Media Composer in the mid-90s, Charles landed at Macy’s Satellite Network, the in-house communications arm of the retail giant. He was largely responsible for the look and feel of the network’s content from its infancy right through to its maturity as a very valuable resource for the company and its many holdings.

Charles remained at Macy’s until leaving to join Huntington, Long Island based Aurora Productions in 2006 which only prepared him for his role at Aurora Branded Entertainment as the Senior Editor… Stay tuned!